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Soft Body is a meditative action game where you control two beautiful, gooey snakes at the same time. In the game, you paint the world with your body, and as you do so, the world changes around you and reveals new obstacles and challenges. Although the action is quite tense, the mood and aesthetic is contemplative and calm.

Soft Body is developed by Zeke Virant and is available for Playstation 4 and PC on May 17th with Playstation Vita and OSX ports soon to follow. Playstation versions will feature crossbuy, and PC and Mac will be available on Steam.

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    "Soft Body is captivating. It’s the fish tank to my inner cat, a fascinating display of methodical movement, clever sound, and unusually satisfying puzzle solving."
    - GameSpot

    "Some games can feel like out of body experiences. That might be one way to describe Soft Body, a refreshingly unique abstract puzzle game. In it, you take control of two entities, a Soft Body and a Ghost Body, at the same time. Together, you use them to paint the game’s world, which continually changes around you, while avoiding drifting bullets. Surreal and controlled, meditative yet tense, Soft Body will leave you entranced, followed by a quiet ‘wow.’"
    - Gamercamp

    "It's not just ingenious and fresh, it also feels amazing to play. The world feels responsive to your presence and your ghostly spirits move with effortless flexibility."
    - Pocket Gamer

    "Screenshots and trailers don’t do the game any justice as it really needs to be played to be fully understood and appreciated. It is simplistic in its design and appearance yet deceptively captivating."
    - Punk and Lizard

    "The intuitive mechanics and simple controls are such a joy to experience."
    - Pughoof Gaming

    "Like true art, the expression of creative skill and imagination for the appreciation of beauty or emotional power, Soft Body could simply be a piece of art intended to be admired, allowing us to question our very existence. Because of this, maybe, just maybe, Soft Body is the true meaning of games."
    - Digitally Downloaded

    "Zeke Virant originally created Soft Body... with the intent of making movement feel 'great and rewarding.' He has succeeded on all accounts. Moving the orange spirit around is like pulling an eel through water on a piece of string. The thumb rolls of your analog stick have immediate feedback and a spineless flexibility."
    - Kill Screen

    "Soft Body is a remarkable game that combines traditional action­ game elements with a fascinating, original, idiosyncratic sense of style. At the heart of this game is a deep and focused attention to game feel, there is something immediately pleasurable about how the game responds to the player."
    - Frank Lantz, NYU Game Center






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